Building a digital Innovation Process within Companies

Building and managing a structured digital innovation funnel involves three very different challenges.
The first challenge is to widen the mouth of the funnel. This means the organization must expand its knowledge base and access to information in order to increase the number of innovations and new process ideas.

The second challenge is to narrow the funnel neck. This means that ideas generated must be screened in a standard and structured way. On the other hand, available resources need to be focused on the most attractive opportunities. The goal here is not just to apply the limited resources to develop selected innovation projects with the highest expected payoff, but to create a portfolio of innovative ideas that will meet the business objectives of the company while enhancing the company's strategic ability to carry out future projects.
The third challenge is to ensure that the selected projects meet the goals that were set when the project was approved.

Our innovation funnel integration process:

Innovation funnel and processing

Often tied to strategic goals or known pain points, the ideation phase of innovation is all about capturing and structuring innovative solutions, as well as building a centralized process to review the proposed innovative ideas and solutions. CodeCooperation helps companies solicit ideas companywide through the implementation of digital innovation funnel tools, brainstorming sessions, hackathons, client inquiries, and so on.

Build, Measure and Learn like CodeCooperation

Build: Creating a minimum viable product (MVP) on specific assumptions about the innovative idea.

Measure: Launch the MVP and measure the viability of the product.

Learn: Either the MVP meets your assumptions, or it doesn’t. Either way, there is a learning loop that should be adopted. Our expert Entrepreneurial Engineers will help you develop and test a lean MVP.

Innovation review and pre-validation

To determine the most important ideas, a company must examine the alignment of the innovation with its business and digital strategies. This often means building a more detailed business case, researching alternatives in the market, and laying out the plan to deliver on the potential value. In a joint project, we would consider the time to value, feasibility, and risks of each proof of concept so you could make an informed decision.

Scaleup and Spin-off

After the innovative MVP is built and validated through different iterations using user feedback, it can be scaled up and become an independent spin-off offering its services to other companies. A spin-off can liberate a parent company and its divested business units from capital and bureaucratic constraints, so they can pursue innovative strategies they couldn’t otherwise. In a joint project, CodeCooperation can help develop the software and strategy for your spin-off.

Our working process

At Codecooperation, we use the Innovation Funnel to develop solutions that are tailored to your needs and aligned with your business strategy. Here's how we do it:
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