Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance engineers verify that the software is fully built to match the client’s needs, and they are in continuous communication with all stakeholders to validate that the software meets their requirements. QA engineers focus on improving the software development process and making sure that the product is bug-free.

Advantages of Quality Assurance:

Better Quality

Having QA engineers perform a deep and successful analysis of the software ensures that the product will satisfy the quality standards set by the stakeholders.

User Satisfaction

QA engineers will identify bad UI/UX design early on and prevent it from rolling out to production, affecting end-user satisfaction.

Domain knowledge

QA engineers quickly become the ones with the most knowledge about the system and its business domain.

Development Efficiency

QA engineers use their vast domain knowledge to validate the requirements and quickly spot a potential issue or a corner case on a specific feature request.

Testing Efficiency

Having QA engineers write automated tests increases testing efficiency by:
• Faster test execution.
• Lower margin for human error.
• Higher testing frequency.

Speed and Cost

QA engineers writing automated tests can help speed up the deployment process by making it automatic. This also reduces the costs of regression testing and increases the overall quality of the software.

Why should you partner with CodeCooperation ?

With a growing team of more than 12 Quality Assurance engineers and a growing QA academy, we can support the various needs of our clients. Our QA engineers are experienced with manual and automated testing tools and constantly upgrade their knowledge to follow the latest industry standards.

We worked in numerous industries like TravelTech, Retail, Education management, E-Commerce and HealthTech. Our engineers are experienced in working with all relevant Agile methodologies.
We are determined to provide you with the highest quality talent, innovative thinking, and deep domain expertise coupled with strong business acumen.
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