Cyber Maturity Assessment Tool


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About CMAT

CMAT is a cyber assessment tool that helps companies assess their cybersecurity measures. $$CMAT provides a comprehensive overview of clients cybersecurity risk and maturity rating. For example, a company that needs to comply with cybersecurity measures can use CMAT to assess their current cybersecurity status and identify areas for improvement.

The Challenge

The main challenge for CMAT is to create a user-friendly experience and present risk and maturity ratings in a comprehensive way so that users can easily understand the results. Standardizing the outcome is also important to ensure that the assessment is reliable and consistent across different companies and industries.

The Approach

To overcome mentioned challenges, the approach for CMAT would involve research and conceptualization to understand user needs and develop an MVP that addresses those needs. The MVP would then be tested and refined based on user feedback to ensure that it provides a comprehensive and user-friendly cyber assessment tool.

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The Result

CMAT is currently in development. According to our plan, the platform should go online in September 2023.

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