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About IhrBauNetzwerk

As the construction industry faces a growing scarcity of skilled workers, building contractors are increasingly turning to specialized subcontracting firms to fulfil their construction projects.

IhrBauNetzwerk is a smart matchmaking platform that quickly connects contractors and subcontractors in the construction industry. It is equipped with a smart algorithm that analyzes the contractor's project requirements and location and suggests suitable subcontractors for the construction project. A tendering process that used to take weeks can be assigned and automatically priced within minutes.

The Challenge

The construction industry is fragmented and widely undigitized. The main difficulties within this development project were understanding the processes of the construction industry as well as the current technical tools and how they are used.

The Approach

In 8 weeks, our multidisciplinary team conducted interviews with different industry experts and handed over the outcome and knowledge to our design team, which was ready to absorb the requirements and create the UX/UI of the complete application.

To this purpose, our team interviewed different industry experts and current users of other solutions, resulting in a new feature proposition with an underlying business case and software development pilot roadmap.

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The Result

Software development is complete, and the business team is currently looking for a second pilot to test the new features.

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