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About ilioa

Ilioa Music is a smart and convenient music streaming app for businesses that are in need of tailored and royalty-free music.

The app offers royalty-free music that can be used for both commercial and personal purposes. The goal of this application is not only to provide AKM or GEMA free music but to offer users simple music management for a little subscription price.

The Challenge

The Ilioa Team is a young team of two musicians in their early twenties. In this team, the energy is great, the motivation is high, and the vision is clear. However, we had a limitation in the budget.

For this reason, we did not have the opportunity to develop the application in a native software language. We definitely had to cut back on research and had to use cross-platform software to develop the MVP.

The Approach

In 2 weeks, our multidisciplinary team conducted interviews with different industry experts and handed over the outcome and knowledge to our design team, which was ready to absorb the requirements and create the UX/UI design of the complete application.

In the meantime, the tech team started a PoC by creating a music player in Flutter. After a successful implementation of the PoC in Flutter, it was quickly decided to continue building the entire platform in Flutter.

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The Result

After creating the complete design and implementing the PoC, the Ilioa Music app was implemented in Flutter within 3 months.

The first version of the application can be downloaded from the Apple and Google stores. Our favorite music playlist is the piano list.

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