Klow is a transparent e-commerce / marketplace that provides the best eco-conscious brands in one single platform. The concept is to audit and select the most reliable fashion brands, those that combine: Respect of the environment, fair trade practices and Transparency. This concept empowers consumers to embrace sustainability by providing transparent information and an alternative to fast-fashion consumption in Europe. Klow gathers more than 80 sustainable brands committed to changing the textile industry.


Klow came to us with an MVP that at that moment had less than 500 users, with intentions of reengineering their platform and databases in a way that they would generate better SEO results and would allow them to scale quickly according to the user growth they were expecting.


Today, Klow is one of the leading eco-conscious online marketplaces in France with a 5 digit number of sessions per day. Our improvement of the platform has also led to a huge improvement in SEO, which is reflected in the number of visitors.