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About Klow

KLOW is an e-commerce platform and a marketplace for sustainable fashion.

The platform integrates various sustainable shops and their products into its websites, providing users with a one-stop-shop for sustainable fashion.

KLOW aims to make sustainable fashion accessible and convenient for consumers while supporting and promoting environmentally responsible businesses.

The Challenge

One of the primary challenges faced by KLOW was integrating different sustainable shops and their products into the platform. This required building APIs for seamless integration and real-life stock management.

Additionally, the return process for products was not smooth, and the after-sales process needed to be digitalized.

These challenges required a comprehensive approach to ensure that the platform operated efficiently and provided an excellent user experience.

The Approach

To tackle the challenges faced by KLOW, our team at CodeCooperation was brought in to understand the current code and feature requirements. This involved conceptualizing and building new features, making changes to the code, and implementing new systems such as an inventory management system.

The team worked closely with sustainable shops to ensure seamless integration and real-time stock management.

The after-sales process was digitalized, and a comprehensive support system was implemented to handle returns and other customer issues. The approach taken by the team ensured that KLOW operated efficiently and provided an excellent user experience.

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The Result

Today, Klow is one of the leading eco-conscious online marketplaces in France, with a 5-digit number of sessions per day. Our improvement of the platform has also led to a huge improvement in SEO, which is reflected in the number of visitors.

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