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About Relocation-Software

Relocation-Software is a digital platform that simplifies the process of relocating for individulas.

The platform streamlines the paperwork and bureaucracy of immigration by digitalizing the entire process in one user-friendly platform.

From the first contact to visa applications and inssurance, Relocation-Softwaremakes relocation easy and stress-free for employer and future employee.

The Challenge

The main challenge in the development of Relocation-Softwarewas to understand the complex legal and non-legal requirements of the immigration process and turn them into a user-friendly software product.

Another challenge was to plan an AI component into Relocation-Softwareat a later stage, while ensuring data privacy and security.

The Approach

We worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and collaborated with experts and future users to generate a comprehensive list of requirements.

We then conceptualized the processes and created low-fidelity designs, gradually working toward a full UX/UI design.

After the design was approved, we began developing the platform in close cooperation with the client, taking feedback into account at every stage of the way.

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The Result

The first version of the platform is online and is currently being used by customers. User data and feedback is currently being collected and the first code iteration is planned.

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