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About Seniorenplatzfinder is the of the care industry. It enables clever and contemporary ways of providing care. is the first digital "matching" platform that helps care seekers find suitable care homes. Care seekers can create care requests in accordance with data protection on our website and will be matched with and contacted by appropriate institutions. The platform offers an innovative online solution for arranging living space for seniors in nursing homes, retirement homes, and other facilities.

The Challenge

The development of Seniorenplatzfinder has presented a unique set of challenges, particularly in regards to adhering to strict privacy policies and security measures for healthcare applications in Germany.

Additionally, the inclusion of various third-party applications into the Seniorenplatzfinder back-end system has required a careful balance of integration and security considerations.

Despite these difficulties, our experienced CTO and dedicated team have risen to the challenge, leveraging their expertise and creativity to deliver a high-quality and secure platform that meets the needs of healthcare providers and seniors alike.

The Approach

In 8 weeks, our multidisciplinary team of design, technology, and business experts designed a vision state claim resolution journey and employed a state-of-the-art qualitative testing program to create a Gap Analysis between the current MVP and the desired Seniorenplatzfinder platform.

To this purpose, our team interviewed different industry experts and current users of the MVP, resulting in a new feature proposition with an underlying business case and software development pilot roadmap.

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The Result

The project team has defined the foundations for design, software architecture, and database architecture.

We have been developing the platform since November 2022. The soft go-live is planned for the end of the year.

Go-live and Onboarding of the first users is planned in May 2023.

Subsequently, new features will be developed and introduced step by step.

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