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About Susble Chain

Susble Chain is a sustainable e-commerce marketplace that connects users with sustainable products.

The platform is planned to create incentives for sustainability, and to offer sustainable investments opportunities in the future.

It simplifies the search for sustainable products and encourages sustainable practices by turning rewards into investments.

The Challenge

The development of Susble Chain faced several challenges, such as coordinating between business, external design, and development teams.

Another challenge was determining the most essential minimum viable product (MVP) to be launch first.

Additionally, the team had to prioritize the launch of the right module, given the numerous modules available.

The Approach

The development of Susble Chain began with conceptualisation, understanding requirements, and speaking to future users.

The platform was then divided into modules, and then most crucial MVP was chosen.

The team then worked on the chosen MVP and continued developing the other modules based on user feedback and prioritization.

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The Result

The first version of the platform is online and is currently being used by customers. User data and feedback is currently being collected and the first code iteration is planned.

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