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About TippJob

TippJob is a job search platform that differentiates itself from other job search platforms with its simple and fast application process.

TippJob simplifies the job application process, allowing job seekers to apply quickly and easily with just one click.

Additionally, TippJob has a blackboard feature that is only open for 48 hours, catering to business who are looking for quick help.

The Challenge

One of the primary challenges faced in this project was the cooperation with the external designer. Since the designer had not worked on a project of this size and detail before, consulting and guidance was needed.

Another challenge was the budget shortage, which required us to cut down the project’s scope without hurting the usability of the application.

The Approach

For TippJob, CodeCooperation’s approach was to create an MVP that meet the most essential needs of the job seekers and employers. The team analysed the user requirements and prioritized the most critical features to ensure that the platform would be functional and useful.

The development process follows an agile methodology, with the team working in sprints to ensure that the MVP is delivered quickly.

Additionally, the team works closely with the designer to ensure that the user interface was intuitive and user-friendly.

CodeCooperation also focuses on creating a scalable platform, ensuring that the MVP could be expanded upon in the future.

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The Result

TippJob is currently in development. According to our plan, the platform should go online in July 2023.

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