Today, up to 6 million people with little knowledge of the German language live in Germany. Poor or faulty communication leads to critical mistakes in medical care. Translatly seeks to dissolve language barriers in medical treatment through an virtual on-demand translation service. Moreover, Translatly is building AI-based speech recognition and translation services, learning from each translation running over the platform. In the future Translatly will become an artificial intelligence-based translation system specialized in medical communication. 

Building Translatly is a matter of the heart for us because we employ people who have recently arrived in Germany and do not yet speak German well enough.


The main difficulties in the development of Transatly are that the CTO and the team have to comply with the strict Privacy Policy and Security measures for healthcare apps in Germany and at the same time have to consider the inclusion of an AI component into Translatly at a later stage.


Translatly will be soon completed (Oct. 2021) and tested within the Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt am Main. For more information please contact