Tripedeo is the first video-based travel booking platform in the German-speaking market, for which we are proud to be the CTO. On Tripedeo, customers can get advice from one of the travel experts via video from the comfort of their own home. On the other hand the travel agent is able to make the booking as usual - just as if the customer is sitting in his/her travel agency.


The CTO, tech and design team had three months to absorb the requirements, build a software architecture, design the screens and code the back- and frontend of the Admin, User and Agent components of the application. To outstanding parties Tripedeo might look like a straightforward application, in fact we were building not one but three applications. Working under such immense pressure, we can proudly say that we have mastered the Tripedeo project.


Over the course of the past three months, we’ve developed Tripedeo with high quality. This project is not only ongoing but continues to grow in team size and scope, allowing us to grow with its challenges. To see more please visit;